Our projects are funded by 2 of Australia’s largest banks, National Australia Bank and ANZ Bank. These orders are executed by our licensed Head Contractor, East Coast Construction Company.

  1. Australian rapid building group (ARBG) manufactures the house in a off site factory
  2. Delta Shipping manages logistics from our factory door in India to Concept’s properties Site
  3. BMM is the local supplier contracted to manufacture, supply and assemble the houses in Australia. BMM also has a construction license and acts as a licensed subcontractor to East Coast Construction
  4. ECCC is the head contractor to Concept Properties. Project manages the construction process and schedule, delivering completed residential/commercial projects in record time.
  5. Concept Properties, an Australian property development company, is a sustainable property developer with a guaranteed pipeline of projects and plans to launch hotels, student accomodation and aged care housing in mature, high labour cost markets.